At Alternalite LED, we not only have extensive installation experience, but we have also developed an impressive team of strategic partners -- such as First Energy, COSE, and others -- to offer a complete, turnkey solution to our clients. 


Alternalite LED will:

1. perform a free energy audit

2. calculate any available utility rebates1 and tax incentives2

3. obtain lighting quotes

4. integrate a lighting controls plan (if applicable)

5. consult with our financial institution to provide you with a financing proposal


Using our unique model, your company would be able to upgrade all of its indoor and outdoor lighting to LED with no money out of pocket.  We would use your estimated monthly utility savings to pay for the lighting retrofit.  In fact, all of our projects have been cash flow positive, which means that you would actually be saving money each month!


Why make the switch to LED lighting?


LEDs use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, emit virtually no heat, and last 25 times longer.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can comprise up to 40% of the energy used by a building, and more than $50 billion is wasted each year by the owners of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings that keep their outdated lighting systems.

Replacement of outdated lighting systems allows for the fastest return on investment — paying for themselves within an average of three to five years or less — as well as a practical way to reduce operating costs for the total facility.



In the December 2012 edition of Electrical Contractor Magazine, it states that lighting quality can affect productivity and the visual comfort, mood and safety of people occupying a space. Many factors—such as color rendering and glare — are important for a quality lighting system.



LED lighting can keep facility managers and engineers more productive by freeing them up to do more important things than changing lamps and ballasts all the time.  The money spent on expensive lifts and scaffolding can also be reduced or eliminated.  (We've all heard the jokes about how many people it takes to change a light bulb.  How about not needing any?)



LED lighting feeds nicely into corporate green initiatives and LEED implementation.  It feels good to go green and conserve resources, as well as staying away from hazardous materials and disposal issues.  This is especially true when it's part of a company's mission statement and core values.


According to the US Department of Energy, rapid adoption of LED lighting in the United States over the next 20 years could:

  • Deliver energy savings of about $265 billion
  • Avoid the need to build 40 new power plants
  • Reduce electricity demand for lighting by 33% in 2027.


Call us today to find out how to save money every month on your electric bill!




1Many of the markets we serve have utility rebates available.  These rebates can be locked in before you commit to a lighting project and are based on the energy savings the project produces (What other industry pays you to use less of their product?)  At Alternalite LED, we complete all of the paperwork necessary for you to receive the appropriate rebate on your project.


2Section 179 of the IRS tax code allows for-profit businesses to deduct the total cost of energy efficient commercial building upgrades in the year they are completed.  This allows lighting upgrades to be fully expensed instead of depreciated over many years.