Alternalite Electric, Inc. is a lighting and electrical contractor with a proven track record of professional installations and superior customer satisfaction.  


Markets Served

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit
  • Multi-Family

Project Types

  • New Construction
  • Remodels
  • Build Outs
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Moves, Additions & Changes (MAC)
  • Emergency Service Work

Professional Services


Energy Solutions

Energy Audits

Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Green Building and Sustainable Construction
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
General - Power
Branch Circuit Power
Cable Trays for Power, Data, and Communications Systems
Service and Maintenance
Short Circuit Studies
Arc-Flash Analysis and Label Installation
Temporary Power and Lighting
Electrical Make-Safe for Building Demolition
Lighting Install, Maintenance, and Service
Lighting Control Systems
Daylight Harvesting Systems
Lighting Upgrades and Retrofit
LED Lighting
Parking Lot Pole Lighting
Accent and Landscape Lighting
Fluorescent Lamp and Ballast Recycling
Low Voltage/Automation/Control Systems
Fire Alarm and Safety Systems
Building and Automation Systems

Security Systems and Access Control

Power and Distribution
Duct Banks
Emergency Generators
UPS Installations
Lightning Protection Systems *
Grounding and Bonding
Surge Protection
Snow and Ice Melting Cable Installation
Pipe Freeze Protection and Pipe Temperature Maintenance



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* Alternalite Electric, Inc. has been evaluated by UL and found to comply with their lightning protection system installers program requirements.

As a UL Listed lightning protection system installer, we can deliver a UL Master Label® certificate.